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'Have you seen this?' for v4

£9.99 £5.99

'Have you seen this?' for v4
(Based on 4 Reviews)

Product Code: CUSU27
Price: £9.99  £5.99
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Product Information

This is PERFECT for cross selling, increasing product visibility and filling some pages where there is little content.

This mod displays a product listing at the bottom of the central content area on any pages in the store, configured within Admin.

Options for the sort order include:

  • By Group (Random) - This uses custom product groups, editable from the Admin product details page.
  • Sale Items (Random)
  • Latest Products
  • By Category random order, specific to one category
  • Most Popular Products - Sales
  • Most Popular Products - Views
  • Random
  • By Stock Level
  • Least Popular Products - Sales
  • Least Popular Products - Views

The store pages are grouped together as follows:

  • Products - Product and Tellafriend, per product or global.
  • Categories - per category or global
  • Site Documents - per site document or global
  • Homepage
  • Sale Items / Search - Sale Items, Advanced Search and Search results pages.
  • Customer Account - Pages that require being logged in. Account, Profile, Newsletter, View Orders, View Order and Change Password pages.
  • Checkout Pages - Register, Cart, Step1/2/3 and Confirmation pages.
  • Gift Certificate Page
  • Miscellaneous - Login, Logout, Forgot Password, Unsubscribe and Error pages.
  • Options for the Latest Product Page mod and the third-party mods mentioned below.

Features include:

  • The option of up to 20 different product groupings, 10 are usable at any one time.
  • Select the number of products to display
  • Adheres to the hidden category rules with the exception of the 'per category' option (v4 only)
  • Adheres to the disabled product rules (v4 only)
  • Customer logged in status supported... product group can be displayed only when customer logged in
  • Option to include or exclude zero priced products
  • Links to the category/sale Items page next to the title when using a category or sale list options
  • When using the Sale Items list, show either the product price and sale price, or the saving (price difference)
  • Display a random group on a global or per page basis
  • Integration with the Latest Products Page mod
  • Displays on the 'Affiliate' and 'Brands & Manufacturers' mod pages
  • Global or per section product count. Currently only a global setting is available.
  • Order History and Order details pages put in their own section as they use a different global template to make best use of the per section product count.
  • Compatibility with our Integrated Blog / News mod.

Note, this does not use the language system for section titles.

Requires Ioncube Loaders to be installed, check with your hosting for compatibility before purchasing.

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Brilliant cross-seller...
"Another great store enhancement, great for cross selling, or for showing alternative similar products, like I have done on this page -

There are various ways of correcting suspension camber mis-alignment on my store, and the box at the bottom of the item page shows the customer the alternative products available to also correct camber...

Dave, Bits4Vits"
Feb 25 2013, 12:06 PMby Dave Jones

For CubeCart version 5
"This is a really a MUST HAVE mod for your Cubecart.

I was wondering when it will be available for CubeCart version 5 ???"
Mar 08 2012, 14:33 PMby Arames

"Works great, went in easy - instructions were terrific. My only thing is, it only uses the master category for the cat options. I do wish it could include secondary cats."
Aug 17 2010, 00:28 AMby Lynn Williams

a must for any store
"simply...amazing and powerful! cross selling has never been so customizable and feature-rich. Version 2 is way better than first release of mod. Mod should be a must for every serious store owner."
Jul 13 2010, 12:54 PMby emmanuel avargues

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