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CubeCart v4 Stylo Pink Line

£34.99 £24.99

CubeCart v4 Stylo Pink Line

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Product Code: CUBM36
Price: £34.99  £24.99
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Product Information

A great new design for CubeCart v4.

Completely custom skin, boasting the following features:

  • Top scalable drop-down menu, ideal for the larger stores. No modifications required.
  • Optional modification to the category images, to use the full size image instead of the thumbnail.
  • Scalable site documents on the footer bar, in three columns.
  • Includes optional templates for popular products and sale items with images.
  • Designed for 1024 width browsers/screens.
  • Tested with Safari, IE6/7/8, Firefox, Opera, Chrome.
  • Does not completely support IE6, however the skin is fully usable in IE6 with the exception of the top drop down menu in which the second level is disabled.
  • Does NOT support v4.3.5 and earlier.

A demonstration is a must for all serious store owners, and is available upon request.

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