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Feeding the appetite of the internet... giving the crawlers what they want.

The nature of the internet means there is a constant demand for an ever increasing amount of up to date information. As website owners, more specifically online store owners it could be seen as your duty to help satisfy this demand for information if only for your own benefit of generating new customers. However, to get new customers to your store, you need to provide those infamous search engine crawlers with a continual source of new or changing information for them to devour and index.

Being in the internet business, we are aware of such demands and have over the years developed a catalogue of useful and time saving mods to help provide that valuable source of information. We know it's difficult and time consuming keeping the information on your site up to date and 'active' to ensure the crawlers continually have something new to find. Our older mods have performed this admirably over the years, the live sitemap and RSS feed mods keep active lists for search engines to continually read and absorb this new information, and the RSS feed also has the added bonus of allowing your customers to keep track of your latest updates.

More recent mods including our 'Category Sub Sub Menu' bring search engine fodder from the lower categories to the more important higher level categories and homepage, and our more recent blog/news mod giving store owners the opportunity to publish blogs or news relating specifically to categories or products within the store. With those links in place on a per blog basis, new information appears all over the site providing a growing amount of new 'related' information ready to be indexed.

The phrase 'content is king' is the key phrase here. Consider that you, as a store administrator, have added as much relavent content as possible to the categories and product descriptions. That information is then used in an ever-increasing number of places with the mods noted in this blog, the time you've taken on the category and product descriptions become that ever increasing crawler fodder jumping your store up the results ladder.

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