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Frequently Asked Questions

Mod Installation Service

  1. What are the benefits of paying for installation?

Helpdesk Functionality

  1. Does a customer have to register in the store before using the Helpdesk?
  2. Can the Helpdesk be run without the RMA part?
  3. Does it support email piping?

Helpdesk RMA Functionality

  1. Can orders be restricted as to whether an RMA is available?
  2. Can a customer return items via the RMA system if they have not purchased it in the store?
  3. Can the RMA provide courier tracking information to the customer?
  4. Does the RMA system provide a printout for customers returning goods?
  5. Can I have just the RMA feature without the Ticketing system?
  6. Can I create lots of RMAs at once?

Customer Orders

  1. I've just bought a mod/skin, where is my download link?
  2. It's a week day, and I've still not received the download link?
  3. How do I get the latest version of the mod/skin I have?
  4. How do I get the update if my update period has expired?
  5. Can we use purchased mods and skins on more than one site?
  6. Can I get a refund?

Known Errors with Solutions

  1. Receiving blank emails from the mod?
  2. I've uploaded the files, and get an 'Unknown on line 0' error?
  3. You've uploaded the mod files and you just get a blank page?

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Paintball Battle Tanks Scorpion Mk3

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