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Integrated Helpdesk and RMA System for v4

£29.99 £24.99

Integrated Helpdesk and RMA System for v4

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Product Code: HELPDESK
Price: £29.99  £24.99
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Product Information

Add a feature rich Helpdesk and RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) system to your CubeCart v4 store.

We have created a Helpdesk which includes both a support/sales ticketing system and RMA system so store owners can provide an all round customer service package, giving customers extra confidence in purchasing from the store. It makes a difference when customers know they can contact you if they need to.

You can see it in action in our own store, here. Ask for a demo, you'll be amazed how effective it is!

Please note, the screenshots above are from the earlier versions. It now includes many more features.

Main features in version 2.5 of the Helpdesk include the following:

  • Easily editable templates. Versions for each shipped skin are included as standard.
  • Customer friendly ticketing and RMA system.
  • The two systems can be independently enabled and disabled.
  • Product Recall, the ability to auto-create RMAs for a product based on customer purchases.
  • Product Message, the ability to auto-create customer Tickets based on the sale of particular products.
  • Configurable email notifications for admin and customers.
  • Integrates with our 'Integrated Blog / News System for v4', with blog links appearing in the Helpdesk customer emails.
  • Canned auto-responses for Ticket and RMA replies.
  • Customisable options for the reasons items being returned, and what the customer would like (refund, replacement etc).
  • RMA can work with products purchased within the store and purchased externally.
  • Multiple items from an order can be returned in an RMA request.
  • The RMA system can be completely hidden to customers until Admin has created an RMA for the customer. There are many configuration options available.
  • Automated Ticket and RMA status logging of all updates to track progress.
  • Optional printable RMA Returns slip for customer returning items to the seller, and for admin sending items to the customer.
  • Optional courier tracking link when RMAs have been dispatched.
  • Admin 'dashboard' page allowing easy management and tracking of customer tickets and RMAs.
  • Create RMAs and Tickets for customers from within Admin.
  • Quick registration allowing customers to register with only minimal essential information. Includes the option for auto generated passwords further reducing information the potential customer needs to fill in at registration time. There is a system to catch customers with missing addresses prior to viewing the cart.
  • Product page "Ask a question about this product" feature.
  • Customisable Admin User account assignments to Helpdesk Departments for staff management.
  • Licensed to the CubeCart installation path.
  • Ticket maintenance, to auto close open tickets over a certain number of days enabled per status set.
  • The addition of an issues page, to list tickets and RMAs which may have missing related records. Tickets and RMAs are not deleted if customers and orders are deleted.
  • Ticket attachments for admin and users, with admin side attachment management.
  • Instructions included on using an independent global template for the Helpdesk pages, if required.
  • Store notifications for ticket and RMA updates awaiting customer response.
  • New toolbar bringing easy access to many useful areas of the store and Helpdesk.
  • Related RMAs, Tickets and Orders for easier tracking.
  • Product, Customer and Order profile pages.
  • Private customer notes.
  • And much much more...

Installation: The Helpdesk can take up to an hour to install depending on expertise. Ensure the Helpdesk is installed correctly, include our installation service in your order.

Customisation: The templates and styling are designed to work with the v4 shipped skins without the need for further styling. Customising the Helpdesk to work seemlessly with a customised skin can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the level of customisation. Consider asking for a quote to customise the Helpdesk templates to work with your store skin, please contact us via our helpdesk for more information and a quote.

Store URL: Enter the URL as it appears in your file. This URL is used for licencing.

Updates & Support: This Helpdesk mod is going through steady growth with new ideas and concepts. Future updates will add increasing functionality and bug fixes keeping your CubeCart store ahead of the competition. We provide 'issue' support over the duration you subscribe to 'Mod Updates'. Any issues, bugs and feature requests you report to us will be included in the next minor or major release. Selecting a 'Mod Updates' period means you will have access to new releases for the period you have selected, note installation is not included. Subscribing to a update period supports future development.

Update period expired and want the latest update? select the 'Mode' product option, and select 'Updates Only (No License File)' from the list. Remember to select your preferred 'Mod Updates' period to ensure you can continue receiving updates.

Note: Does not include email piping. Customer ticket replies must be done via the store pages.

We have a wide variety of stores using our helpdesk, including large stores turning over hundreds of tickets and RMAs per week.

Requires Ioncube Loaders to be installed, check with your hosting for compatibility before purchasing. Developed for CubeCart v4.3.8 and later, however it will work with older versions. Include our installation service in your order for a no risk purchase.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT compatible with CubeCart v3 or v5.

Write a review? Reviews / Comments

Every store should have this MOD
"ive finally got around to writing a review i dont normally write reviews as im so busy, but this mod needs to be reviewed, this is by far the best mod ive got in my store and it is used at least 12 hours a day 247, it keeps everything easy to keep track of customers and orders, and also questions

this mod is way under priced and after we have used this mod, i would easily pay 5 times the asking price its that good!

Feb 20 2014, 10:52 AMby russell palmer

Now even better...
"I wouldn't have thought the helpdesk and RMA system (can't call it a modification, this is now an add-on system in it's own right and grossly under-valued in terms of it's price!)... but Rob's added more and more features to it in it's latest release, including the ability to recall a product. Imagine having a problem with one of your products and having to search through your own records to effect a recall?! This system can now do it all! It can find the sale of a certain product to every customer that bought it and send messages to them to send it back for a refund, etc. Not a nice situation for any store owner to have, but imagine the chaos of organising an event like that? It also allows tartgeted marketing to customers who have bought a certain product too, so you can contact them and sell them something else to go with their original purchase... It just gets better and better, every store should have this helpdesk facility! Dave,"
Feb 25 2013, 11:55 AMby Dave Jones

Don't hesitate for one second....
"Even more great updates in this latest release! The biggest for us is the updated RMA capabilities.

We have hundreds of RMA's and thousands of tickets and still going strong with no hiccups. This is the only solution you should consider for a helpdesk/RMA system if you have more than a few tickets a day. Having used ledger for quite a while and we tested zen, kayako, livehelp and a couple others, this is still the best solution available."
Aug 12 2011, 23:38 PMby Matthew

Must have tool for any ecommerse store
"We are very pleased with this Helpdesk and RMA mod from Cart Designs, and would recommend it to any ecommerse store.
Rob has provided fantastic assistance with the mod integration and store specific function requests.
This mod will help you with the running of your store and improve customer service."
Mar 01 2011, 21:12 PMby Wayne

Absolutely Awesome!
"****** - 6 stars, nevermind 5!

This is probably the best and most comprehensive mod' you'll find.

The helpdesk provides a fully-featured professional environment to have a two-way conversation with your customers, and on the screen around the dialogue you'll find all previous tickets, RMAs and order history. Emails become a thing of the past, and everything is at your fingertips.

The RMA system is awesome too, allowing the control and authorisation of all (or any if you're like me) returns to your store in a fluid and professional manner.

An absolute gem of a mod, under-priced in my opinion and experience working in IT.

You can see it on my site

Keep up the good work CartDesigns!"
Feb 23 2011, 19:50 PMby Dave, Bits4Vits

Useful and powerful tool for any ecommerse website
"Useful and powerful tool for any ecommerse website"
Jan 20 2011, 13:50 PMby Surprise Boutique

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