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Google Merchant Center Categories for v4

£9.99 £7.99

Google Merchant Center Categories for v4
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Product Code: GOOC27
Price: £9.99  £7.99
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Product Information

Assign Google Categories to store products and categories for inclusion in your Google Merchant Centre product feed.

  • Assign Google Categories to the Categories and Products
  • Products take on the parent category assigned Google categories.
  • Easier to manage assigned Google Categories.
  • Ability to remove invalid entries on the 3rd-party config page should they occur.

Google Categories Assigned To Products

The screenshot shows the product page list of directly assigned products, and implied assignements provided by the primary category.

This mod only supports our Google Merchent Center Product Feed v1.7 (26 Sept 11) and newer allowing products to be categories in one of more Google categories. This mod DOES NOT support the built in Google export.

Requires PHP  v5.2.0 or newer.

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